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Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine's Day in America where we celebrate love to everyone. In Brazil is celebrated in June 12, maybe is because is winter there and usually people like to give chocolate. Can you imagine buying chocolate in the summer?

We also just celebrate as couples like boyfriend/girlfriend nobody else.

Anyways is all about the love and eat chocolate!

I am always very excited when creating my Valentine's Day Collection. Each year I like to create something unique and special.

This year was my chocolate bars. They are just amazingly delicious. Pure chocolate bar either 54% or 70% cação and with our traditional Brigadeiro filling, of course! Afterall is all about brigadeiros. When you bite you get that amazing snap and there comes the creamy Brigadeiro🤤

I also created the Ruby Cacao Chocokate Bar. Ruby is the 4th chocolate found after Milk, Dark and White.

The flavor is amazing, tart and fruity and the natural pink colour is really hard to resist. If that said is a must try. Is already available online so stop reading this blog and go check it out.

Thank you for reading my first blog and have a seeet day!🍫

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