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Full List of Flavors & Ingredients 

All brigadeiros contain condensed milk (milk, sugar).


Traditional - Milk chocolate,  Belgian milk chocolate sprinkles, cream. Nut/Gluten-free

Rainbow - Semi-sweet 45% cacao, raw cacao powder, butter, rainbow crispearls. Nut-free.

White Crunch - White chocolate, butter, white crunch crispearls. Nut-free.

Noir - Dark chocolate 70% cacao, Belgian dark chocolate sprinkles, raw cacao powder, butter. Nut/Gluten-free

M&Ms - Semi-sweet chocolate 45% cacao, mini M&Ms, raw cacao powder, butter. Nut-free.

Toasted Almonds - Dark chocolate, raw cacao powder, butter, toasted almonds. Gluten-free.

Pistachio - Dark chocolate, roasted pistachios, raw cacao powder, butter. Gluten-free.

Sea Salt Caramel - Caramel, butter, hint of fleur de sel. Nut-free.

Passion Fruit - White chocolate, butter, passion fruit. Nut/Gluten-free.

Cookies & Cream - White chocolate brigadeiro & crushed chocolate cookie. Nut-free.

Cappuccino - Semi sweet chocolate, cappuccino mix, butter. Nut/Gluten-free.

Espresso - Dark and intense with dark chocolate 70%. Nut/Gluten-free

Dark Raspberry - Dark chocolate covered with organic dry raspberries. Nut/Gluten-free.

Dark Coconut - Dark chocolate, organic shredded coconut. Nut/Gluten-free

Crunch Spice - Dark chocolate, spicy infused honey.Nut/Gluten-free.

Strawberry - White chocolate, dry organic strawberries & strawberry crunch. Nut-free.

Coconut -  White chocolate & organic coconut. Nut/Gluten-free

Ginger - White chocolate & fresh organic ginger. Nut/Gluten-free

Caipirinha - Brazilian national drink made in a desert. White chocolate, cachaca (sugar cane rum), fresh lime zest and juice, butter. Nut/Gluten-free.

Lemon - White chocolate, fresh lemon zest and juice, butter, yellow crispearls. Nut-free.

Two Lovers - Half white-half noir. White chocolate, dark chocolate, cacao powder, butter. Nut/Gluten-free

Honey Lavender - White chocolate, honey, edible organic lavender flower. Nut/Gluten-free

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