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Heading 2

Thayssa H.


Heading 2

                  - Ken

               - Andrew
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               - Thaissa H. 


I love brigadeiros and I have already ordered from every single site in the US and the ones from BrigadeiroSprinkles are the best with no doubt. It was impossible to stop eating! 

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          - Andrew



After being given one...kinda wondering why I didn't order myself a secret box to feast on!

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              - Ken



I've ordered a few boxes of brigadeiros. Everyone in my family has a favorite flavor. The packaging is always cute.

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- Sofia

If you want the best brigadeiros in San Francisco go to brigadeirosprinkles.com!

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I ordered these wonderful sweets as wedding favors. Not only were they aesthetically exquisite but also delicious!! My guests raved and I was so pleased.

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Amazing product, excellent customer service.